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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The McCain “FREE Digital Movie Rental” Promotion (Canada)

McCain Digital Movie Promotion
 Receive a pin for a free digital movie rental on participating McCain Products. See below for a list of participating products in this McCain promotion. This promotion has been going on for awhile but it is the first time I have seen the specially marked boxes in our area for some reason, so I thought I would repost about it. Click here for more information on the McCain Digital Movie Rental Promotion

Participating Products:

McCain Crescendo rising crust pepperoni frozen pizza 830gm
McCain Crescendo rising crust deluxe frozen pizza 900gm
McCain Crescendo rising crust roasted chicken frozen pizza 825gm
McCain Crescendo rising crust Hawaiian frozen pizza 840gm
McCain Crescendo rising crust 4 cheese frozen pizza 770gm
McCain International thin crust pepperoni frozen pizza 480gm
McCain International thin crust Canadian frozen pizza 501gm
McCain International think crust Parisian frozen pizza 482gm
McCain International thin crust deluxe frozen pizza 515gm
McCain International thin crust Sicilian frozen pizza 493gm
McCain International Multigrain thin crust 5 cheese and sausage frozen pizza 465gm
McCain International Multigrain thin crust tomato and chicken frozen pizza 470gm
McCain International thick crust Texas chicken frozen pizza 495gm
McCain International thin crust California chicken frozen pizza 470gm