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Monday, February 27, 2012

*UPDATE* P&G Health & Beauty Sampler Mail-In Rebate | Free Samples & Coupons

P&G Mail-In Rebate
I love this mail-in rebate as there are tons of products that you can purchase to get this offer many of which we already buy all the time anyways, plus there doesn't appear to be size restrictions. It is pretty basic and straight forward. There is one problem I see with this mail in rebate though on the main page here it states when you purchase $40.00 or more on participating products you will receive over $50.00 worth of coupons & Olay & Pantene samples. Now if you go to the mail-in rebate form it has a huge discrepancy from the main page. It states you will get over $20.00 in coupons. That is a HUGE difference and probably be a deal breaker for some of us. I am looking into this and will keep you posted when I have more information.

UPDATE: I got a response from P&G regarding this mail-in rebate

I'm back Brandi Lynn! 
Okay, so here's the answer...the combined value of what you would receive from this offer - having submitted all that is required - is a combination of samples ( including Olay & Pantene samples) AND coupons.

The value of the samples combined with the money-saving coupons equal $50. Sorry for any confusion when you were looking at the links/site. Hope this helps! ^Gwen