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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Great Mail Day For Me | Mail Call 03/07 ~ Brandi

Mail Call 03/07

By the time I got in and sat down it was super late last night so I didn't get a chance to post my mail call yesterday so I am posting it now! Yesterday I got my FPC M&M's, FPC Dr. Pepper, & my mom so kindly gave me her FPC Vaseline (I already received mine) I am saving these up for a Bonus Optimum Event at Shoppers Drug Mart I also got more nail polish and cuticle treatment which is still available for 1 PENNY. My sister kindly ordered this and gave it to me :) I also got my Reactine trial sample & some random other coupons :) What was in your mail box yesterday?

2 Nail Polish & more for 1 penny- Still Available - Click here to get it
M&M's FPC - Instant Win - Click here to play
Dr Pepper FPC - (No longer available)
Vaseline FPC - (No longer available)
Reactine Samples (No longer available)