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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Great Mail Days | March 29th | Linds

I got a fair bit in the mail today... and 3/4 of it... COUPONS!!! See those tiny yellow beads in the picture underneath the 5% Off? Well do you guys remember the Crystal Ball Decorative Balls that we ordered last month? I FINALLY got mine! They definitely weren't what I expected.. But am going to test them out when I'm feeling better and expand them!... did anyone else get theirs yet?? I just checked to see if these were still available, they are, but you have to pay 0.21cents. Browse their website by clicking here.
I received my save $1 on Old El Paso Tortillas and FPC for Quaker Chocolate Chip Instant Oatmeal. 
Dove surprised me with a $2 Off Dove Nourishing Oil Care  product coupon today because I entered the Hair Challenge Contest and obviously didn't win... but it was nice of them to send a complimentary coupon! You don't get that too often. 
Fresh Express sent me 2x $1 off Any Fresh Express Packaged Salad coupons. I got these coupons by contacting them through their website. Click here to go to the Contact Us form to ask for coupons for yourself!
And last but not least I got 6x $1 off Any Vagisil Product. Click here to contact them. Make sure you state you are from Canada.