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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Staples March Madness | March 27th - 31st

March Madness Savings
There is some great savings happening at Staples over the next 5 days! If you are shopping for a hard drive, tablet computer, printer, eReader, laptop or desktop you might want to take a look at Staples! See below to find out what days you can save on specific items!

March 27th | Save $30.00 on any hard drive over $100.00
March 28th | Save $50.00 on any tablet computer over $300.00
March 29th | Save $50.00 on any printer over $200.00
March 30th | Save $15.00 on any eReader over $100.00
March 31st | Save $75.00 on any laptop, or desktop computer over $500.00