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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet Sweet Saturdays.. Spent Shopping!!! | March 17th

Well I'd have to say I did alright today. Went to Walmart and purchased  the following:
Fructis Hair Spray for $1.97 using the $1 off tear pad coupon =$0.97
Zantac 150 (3 pk) for $2.22 using the $3 off tear pad coupon = FREE w/ an overage of $0.78 applied to my purchase
Magesta Paper Towel x2 for $2.97 using the $2 off coupon =$0.97
Tums x 2 for $2.97 each using save $2 WUB 2 = $3.94 
Total Walmart trip $7.68
Then headed to No Frills for some Resolve. Was going to price match, but didn't have the flyer so I had to go to the store anyways. They of course were out of the spray Resolve so I purchased 2 refill Resolves.
Resolve is on sale at No Frills for $1.88 using the $2 Off tear pad coupon from Loblaws (coupon is only good at stores stated on back of coupon). I got them for FREE!!! I thought I would have to pay the tax but I guess No Frills does overages now too and applies it to your bill!! Going to go back next week when they get some spray and get a couple more!! 

I also went to Bath & Body Works today for their Fresh Picked Party!! I purchased 2 candles for $5 and got a FREE Tote Bag (tag read $5.99) and FREE Foaming Hand Soap. Did anyone else hit up Bath & Body Works today??

Went to Payless and took advantage of their 30% Off Sale. I purchased a pair of purple heels for a total of $15.00. 

Then as we were leaving the mall I happened to notice Bench spring coats on sale for 50% off.. of course, had to grab one, total with tax $75.00.

All in all, I'd say I had a pretty good day!!