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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

*HOT* Exciting News | Canada Samples N Freebies Has Partnered With

I am really excited to announce that Canada Samples N Freebies has partnered with I am proud to support LikeNET and have them support us as we grow! 

Are you wondering how LikeNET came to be?! From LikeNET owner Eric MacDougall: basically we are a web development company ( .. we noticed that clients wanted 'likes' on their sites - and that only likes they could 'buy' were from Pakistan!!! we figured we'd fix that :) [:)] 

LikeNET is taking the web by storm with a totally different approach than I havent seen from any other rewards website. You earn real money, not points. I have already cashed out and am awaiting my cheque! LikeNET is always adding new ways to make money all the time. 

You can earn money by doing simple tasks such as liking a facebook page, following on twitter, +1 on google, short surveys. 

LikeNET has added a bonus button that you are able to click daily to earn even more cash as well as a spot for an email bonus code so I am sure we can expect to see emails containing a code that will give us a free bonus spin with the bonus button! LikeNET also has a 50/50 raffle that is drawn weekly which the current cost is $2.00 for 1 ticket or $5.00 for 5 tickets, and you can use your balance for this 50/50 raffle! 50% of the pot goes to the winner and the other 50% goes back into the referral budget! I love it! 

Currently you earn $0.25 per referral and an additional $1.00 for those referred that are from Victoria or Vancouver this is subject to change. Click here to join LikeNET and see what all the buzz is about!!