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Saturday, April 14, 2012

My 20x the Points Event | SDM | April 14th

Well I decided to try out Shoppers 20x the points event today and used all my FREE coupons and a few $2 off dove body wash. Anyway, we get to the counter and all I'm paying for is the Dove $2.99 - $2.00 (tear pad). =$0.99 each. Woo hoo! The cashier scans all of my items and I quickly hand her my Optimum card, she scans it, and then I hand her all the coupons. She said, oh you aren't going to get your 20x the points since your total is less than $50 after coupons... but she already scanned my card before entering the coupons and needless to say I STILL GOT MY POINTS!!! I know all Shoppers are different. Some give the points, some don't. I was excited, that was my first big point trip!! I have a pretty decent balance on there, soon a HUGE FREE shopping trip on SDM. Come on redemption day!!