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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Stop at Walmart | April 17th

I needed Ice Cream today.. like something severe, so I made a quick stop at Walmart. Pulled out my coupon bag... just in case I found some good deals and I had the $5 off from Chapmans coupon. Strolled past the clearance shelf and there was 1 John Frieda Full Repair left for $3.00.. I was like k, got to find 1 more of their products on clearance for my coupon (Buy 2 Save $5) to work... Just so happened I saw a John Frieda brush on display with the hair dye, marked down from $6 to $3.. I didn't know if that counted as a "hair care" product but thought it would and threw it in the cart anyways.. both the brush and the full repair for $1. Grabbed the Chapman's Ice Cream Sandwhich Bars for $4.77, with the $5 off coupon I had.. I got out of there for $1 + tax. For some stupid reason I didn't get the receipt so I don't exactly know. If you haven't requested a $5 off Chapman's Ice Cream coupon within the last year... you can order one by clicking this link.