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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick Trip to Walmart | Sat April 28th

Well I went to Walmart in hopes that I would find the Epilator that I wanted... go figure, they didn't have the one I want. Will get one next week! So I decided to look around for some deals. 
They had some 3 packs of Zantac on the shelf, so I grabbed 5 of them for $2.22 each, using my tear pad save $3 coupon! Getting an overage!! Then I got 4 Nexxus Shampoos that are $2 each, using the new tear pad from Shoppers Drug Mart & Rexall. Woohooo! Another overage!! I love getting paid from Walmart! Decided to be nice to the hubby and grabbed him a couple chocolate milks that were on sale for $1. I didn't have a coupon for them, but it's okay since I was getting paid anyways. Grabbed a thing of Ziploc baggies that still happened to be on for $1 using the $1 off coupon from Right at Home. So, I made it out of there with Walmart owing me $3.37! It isn't much, but it's FREEEEE!!!