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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Survey & Points Sites that Actually Pay

I thought I would put together a list of surveys that actually pay and sites in which to earn points which can be potential gifts, gift cards, pay pal, etc.

These are all sites that I have actually gotten something from, with an exception to LikeNet because it's brand new.

LikeNet - LikeNet is a new Canadian based company in which you sign up and Like pages on Facebook for REAL Money! That's it, that's all. It's super easy! Cheques are automatically mailed on the 7th and 22nd of the month, if your balance is greater than $35 Easy Right? I think so! Click here to start Liking Stuff for FREE money!! 

NetPanel - Netpanel is a place where you are helping top North American companies develop new products and services. After signing up with Netpanel you will have the opportunity to take part in surveys and polls. When there is an available survey you will receive and email with a link to take part, if you qualify (which I always do for Netpanel surveys, which are run through Corsential). You will receive the said amount of points, it varies per survey. You should also log on once in awhile to take part in the polls that are also worth net points. I usually only do this every time I get an email with a survey opportunity.
Once you hit 400 net points you can get a payout of $10, 750 net points gets you $25 and 1000 net points gets you $50. Netpanel will mail you a cheque for this amount, Canadian funds. So make sure your information is up to date. You can also get points by referring friends by filling in their information and sending them an email. Click here to sign up with Netpanel. If you want to be really nice and give me the referral points, you can message me on Facebook with your name and email and I'll send you an email invite ASAP. :)

My Survey - My Survey is an interactive panel where members earn Reward Points for doing the following:
Taking certain surveys
Referring an eligible member to the panel
Participating in other research opportunities offered by My Survey such as online communities, focus groups, product tests, etc.
Other activities sponsored by My Survey

Members earn Points from the time they join the panel until the time they officially decline membership by unsubscribing. Points are accrued on a household basis. That means that if several individuals from one household complete surveys for My Survey, Points for completed surveys will be deposited in one account. When surveys become available you will get an email making you aware! The minimum amount of points is 1,000 before you can start redeeming them. You also get points for referring friends through email. Click this link to sign up with My Survey. 
Or if you want to be really nice and give me the referral points, you can message me on Facebook with your name and email and I'll send you an email invite ASAP. :)
Hotspex - Start taking FUN, Different surveys with the Hotspex team and become a Hotspex Innovator! After signing up and filling in your profile you will automatically start getting surveys mailed to your email if you qualify. I don't think there was ever a Hotspex survey that I took that I got disqualified from for not qualifying. Ugh, so annoying!! Anyways, you will notice Hotspex surveys are different, so they make them fun and not so boring and repetitive. Once you reach a certain amount of Hotspex points you can redeem them for Paypal or you can spend your points at any time in the mall, which you can enter in for prizes! I have won a blender in the past and I think I only entered 10 points! You can also refer friends through email only and once they take the first basic getting to know you quiz, your account will be rewarded with 250!! They also plant a tree with certain surveys too! Environmentally conscious I LOVE it! You will also have short surveys on your home page that you can complete for a few points! Click here to sign up and become a Hotspex Innovator. 
Or if you want to be really nice and give me the referral points, you can message me on Facebook with your name and email and I'll send you an email invite ASAP. :)

I-Say by ipsosI-Say is another interactive panel where members earn Reward Points for taking certain surveys, and referring an eligible member to the panel. You will get an email once a survey becomes available. You usually have quite the amount of time to complete the survey. You can also do daily polls. You can redeem your points in sweepstakes for your chance to win prizes or you can save them up and trade them in for a gift card or pay pal or browse the catalog to see what they have available and your points never expire! Click here to sign up and become a valuable member!

Points Websites

Swagbucks - Swagbucks is a website where you can earn points, called swagbucks for different things that you do! They usually do monthly promos in which there are ways you can earn extra points as well. The way to earn the most points is through "offers"  some of which cost money and some are free but there are other ways to earn points too, that are things you do daily while just sitting at your PC. Here is a list of other ways to earn the bucks.
Make it your Homepage 
Get the Toolbar 
Vote on the Daily Poll
NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers)
SwagMail (Watch a Video in your mail box for bucks)
Search the web from the swagbucks search engine/toolbar
SBTV (From Toolbar) - Watch sets of 10 for 3 points! 25+ times a day!
Trusted Surveys
Shopping in the Swagshop
Finding Swagcodes
Inviting your friends to join 

Once you start accumulating points you can trade them in! Swagbucks has NUMEROUS things ranging from Pay Pal to Play Stations to Gift Cards to Clothes!! Or you can redeem them in the swagstakes section. I earn swagbucks while I'm sitting here and barely ever complete offers, you really have nothing to loose by signing up!! Click here to join Swagbucks and join in on the fun!! 

Superpoints - Superpoints is another points accumulation website. Except it's an invite only site you can't just sign up. The more points you get, the better the prizes.. but once again a chance to earn points to get free things! You can get anything from Gift Cards to Ipods or an xbox! You can earn points through playing the Super Lucky Button every day. The more friends you have the higher your membership, the more spins you get per day. Like Swagbucks, you can complete offers to get even more points! Most offers cost money, but there are some free ones there as well. You can also complete surveys or watch a video if you are lucky enough to have one there. Redeeming your points is quick and painless! If you aren't a member and this sounds like something for you... Click this link to become a member today!

My Points - My Points is GREAT if you are someone like me that likes to shop online... Or if you are a member of Bzzagent... okay, there are more reasons too, but you get the point. Ways to earn My points are: Searching the web, shopping on the web through the My points website (like old navy, gap, Avon etc). Playing Games, taking surveys and so much more. I honestly earned most of My Points through Bzzagent, doing surveys or taking part in campaigns. If you aren't a member of Bzzagent, click this link to sign up. Once you sign up complete the surveys so you can hopefully get chosen for a campaign. Don't forget to link your My Points account to your Bzzagent! You can redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite restaurants or retailers, get cash (Paypal, Visa Prepaid) or donate your points or you can take flights on free miles. You can also refer your friends through email and earn points through them! Click here to sign up with My Points and start earning points now!

Royal Draw - Subscribe to Royal Draw to receive awesome deals and draws. You'll receive 100 Royal Points just for subscribing. Then, click the login button and start creating your account. If you have a Royal Coupon account, it's connected to your Royal Draw account, so you may log in to both sites with the same login information. Enter the draws you wish to enter and get 1 point per draw entered. you can also refer friends and get additional points if they respond. Earn more points by taking surveys (up to 200 Points), buying deals (2 Points for every $1 spent), downloading printable coupons (1 Point), or by voting for next Wednesday's draw with the Draw Picker (1 Point). You can redeem your points for additional draw entries in the draws of your choice, or for prizes from our Points Store. Click here to sign up with Royal Draw.

I know there are many other sites out there. But these are all ones that I know and trust. If you know of any others that you know that pay for sure, please feel free to share with us and let us know!!