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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Magic Wraps - It Works Independent Distributor - Monthly Contests & Fan Giveaways! - Update!!

Need to loose those few extra pounds to fit in to that dress for a wedding or your bikini to hit the beach with your friends? Well, I think we found JUST the thing! A friend of mine who is an Independent Distributor has introduced me to Magic Wraps! And magic that they are!

Head on over to Sherri's page so you can be part of her monthly contests and fan giveaways! She will be giving away a FREE Magic Wrap every 1000 Fans! A little over 500 more to go until the next one!!! She will be glad to answer any of your questions that you have about the newest fad! Click here to give her some Love on her page! And don't forget to tell her Canada Samples N Freebies sent you!!

So, I decided to try these wraps, just to see how good they really worked! I got one for my boyfriend because he is the much bigger one between the both of us. Sherri sent me a wrap and tried it as soon as we got it! We were both excited to see just what it could do! We measured him in the 3 places (you will get a measuring card with your wrap) and read all the instructions, we were ready to do this. He was MUCH more skeptical than I was. He didn't think it would work. I said, of course it works! That's what they are called! LOL. Anyways, he went to the bathroom and applied the ointment and the wrap and he was ready to go. Let me tell you, he was hilarious doing it making me laugh the whole time. We wrapped his stomach in saran wrap and we set the timer for 45 minutes. *you are only supposed to wear it for 45 minutes your first time* but you can go up to 72 hours after your first application. Well we measured him 45 minutes later and there was no change. He was like I TOLD YOU SO!
The next day he put on his pants and he was like Wow, my pants are bigger!!! So of course I ran and got the measuring tape and measured, sure enough 2.5 inches down. Whhhhattt!? He said, it actually worked! We work out at the gym and try to eat healthy although I know he sneaks his snacks, and he still went down! We measured him 3 days later (72 hours later) which was Friday and he lost 5 inches!!! He says his stomach feels tighter and his pants are really a bit to big. These are to last 4-6 months. We measured him again today, which was 5 days later and he is still the same (down the 5"). He wants me to order more now. Have you tried this so called magic wrap? I think you should! I think I'm going to get one myself, just to tone up!!