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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lindsay in Walmart!

Went to Walmart last night cuz I was extremely bored. I was looking for something, but it was sold out so thought I'd use my Glade FPC's. I noticed that the Dial was on sale for $2.97 and I still had 3 $2 off coupons that expired June 23rd, thought I better use those!! I got 2 Glad Oil's for Free and the Glade Starter Kit for Free as well.

I was looking for the Nexxus shampoo that is $2, so I could get my overage again using the $3 off Nexxus, but I think I bought them out the night before. LOL So I settled for the $3 Nexxus Conditioner! All in all was a good trip, only paying $0.97 each for the Dial and everything else was just the tax!

God I love Walmart....

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