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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Internet Scams - SPREAD THE WORD | Got An Interesting Email Yesterday!

Well I received a rather interesting email from someone interested in purchasing Scentsy products and they told me they got my email from the Scentsy website.

After several emails back and forth they were going to send me payment via Paypal and have their "agent" pick up the items. So while I am waiting to see where this goes, I receive an email from some ridiculous email address staying it was on behalf of paypal claiming I need to go to western union to send $350.00 to this "agent" (Agent Fee) who is going to pick up the products from me. The email also stated that they have deducted the money Scentsy Purchase + Agent Fee from the buyers account which I would get upon confirmation of them getting the $350.00 

Apparently the agent requires to be paid prior to doing work and I was expected to pay them and then the buyer would reimburse me by sending the money for the order plus the agent fee I had to pay. Ok honestly how stupid do these people think I am, if it wasn't so sad I would laugh, but the truth is this has been happening for so long and some people fall for it. If they didn't it wouldn't be happening so much. I just wanted to put it out there so that others are aware and can make sure they don't fall for this scam. If this stops ONE person from falling for a scam then it was worth it.

This particular scam has been happening for a few years now and happens quite frequently on Craig's List, Kijiji, and now I see they have started targeting Independent Consultants. I know many of you will read this and immediately come to the conclusion it is a scam if it ever crossed your path but when I did some digging on this particular scam you would be surprised how many people seriously considered this as being legit. Lets spread the word! Share with your friends and make sure you or someone you know doesn't fall victim to this scam or any other one!

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