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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love Candles? | Have Spare Time & Wanna Make Money? | A MUST READ!

Scentsy is best known for their flameless wickless candles. Before I fell in love with Scentsy I used to buy the expensive candles such as Yankee Candle, and some of the Glade candles to make my home smell of sweet fragrance, which they did the job for the most part. I am used to be a candle nut! I now will no longer burn a candle in my home ever again for a couple reasons. DANGEROUS being the top reason. They are a huge fire hazard, and the second reason which is the only reason anyone really needs, they are toxic, and unhealthy for your family. When I did some research on candles awhile back and found out that burning one tea light candle was the equivalent to smoking 200 cigarettes in your home I was MORTIFIED! I couldn't believe it. I know there are many candles out there that offer slightly better alternatives to the most toxic ones and they claim to be safe and such but I still would like to know where the wax is going? It is evaporating and it is going somewhere, in the air, in my lungs? No thank you. All that you can expect to be released into the air with Scentsy is fragrance.
Here is a picture that explains how Scentsy works
Scentsy uses a custom paraffin wax blend for it its superior scent loading capability to provide the best customer experience possible. Because the wax is warmed not burned as in the case of a traditional candle’s combustion process no harmful chemicals or pollutants are released into the air. With Scentsy, there is no flame, no smoke, no soot and no lead.
For all the reasons listed above I chose Scentsy but let me tell you the fragrances that Scentsy has to offer are second to none! They have mens, tropical, cafe, and soo much more and they smell simply amazing, better than any candle on the market!
Click here to check out all that Scentsy has to offer! I promise you will not be disappointed if you decide to make the switch to Scentsy! I don't think there is one friend or family member of mine that is not head over heels for Scentsy!
 I sell Scentsy because I absolutely LOVE the product and use it daily and I believe in it, and to be honest with you the product sells itself! When I first decided to become a Scentsy Consultant I was so excited because I finally could do something I love and offer it to others. My very first order I made my money back x4! When you join you get everything you need to successfully sell the products, and run your business. You get all the fragrances testers, a warmer, and so much more! If you want to make some extra money and work for yourself Scentsy is a FABULOUS company to do just that! Click here for more information 

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