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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mail Call | April 18th | Linds

Well, not too much in the mail today... for me anyways. My hubby on the other hand.. has learned from me. I didn't take a picture because we left everything at the shop... but he is starting to take after me, although he did MUCH better than I have EVER done with 1 company. He owns a detailing business and decided to email a few companies asking for samples. well Macguires packaged up a box of EVERYTHING, packages of samples of wax, cleaner, shine stuff, tire stuff, you name it.. it was in there. The box must have weighed 40lbs. I'm so jealous. LOL. Must have been at least $200 worth of stuff in it. Crazy. Anyways. I just thought I'd share his success story with you guys, he will be so pleased I mentioned him! 

Anyways, now to my mail day. I got a FREE Dr. Oetker Mousse and FREE Liberte from Sobeys. Received Biore sample and Lacoupe Orgnx shampoo and conditioner sample and some websaver coupons! All in all, not bad! What did you get??